Meet Dale and Connie

Dale and Connie

Who are these two?  Well Dale and I married in 1993 and still enjoy the company of each other each and every day.  We have been through great times and devastating times as we, together, have raised children, lost a child, changed jobs, lost jobs and every hurdle we have met head on together only to continue our life together as great partners.

Dale has previously worked as a CNC machinist, heavy equipment operator and Mechanic of Heavy Equipment.  Connie has worked in Medical and Long Term Care since she was 16 years old. Went back to college in 2004 and graduate in 2008 with a Bachelor Degree in Business and Accounting.

Now, business owners of two business’s Dale’s Mobile Repair Services repairing Heavy Equipment/Construction Equipment. Being mobile means traveling to the job site and repair work being done in the field per say!   Through the winter months Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods that is changing to a year round resort status as soon as Spring of 2019-Opener!!

Dale started his Mobile Repair business in 2001 after his boss, of the Excavating company he worked for, was tragically killed.  Dale repaired all of the equipment for this Excavating company starting in 1993.  

With winters, meaning repairs were somewhat slow when it came to diesel mechanic/heavy equipment repairs, Dale was spending time at Lake of the Woods with friends and family.  One day a good friend, out of the blue, said “Dale why don’t you rent fish houses out for people to come up and fish?”

The first Sleeper “Big Red” Dale and I bought and before the winter was over he had a friend of the family help him start building another Sleeper.  We have added Sleepers each year and we are now up 8 – 10 x 18 Sleepers and 1 –  8 x 16 Sleeper.

We have accomplished the goal to build 9 Sleepers this winter 2018/2019.   We originally started with 8 x 16 size Sleeper houses and then went to 10 x 18 size.  Since the start we have retired 2 – 8 x 16 Sleepers replacing them with 10 x 18 size.

We also started building Day houses along with the Sleepers.  Building Day houses is not as fast as the Sleeper’s, however, we have 4 Day houses out each winter for those that enjoy coming for the day and going home to their own bed!  We have a 8 x 10 which we now have retired to a scout house or a back up Day house.  Our Day house fleet consists of 2- 8 x 12 and 2 – 10 x 14 size.  Our goal is to have a day house 

Now how about that Connie?  I was working full time in Brainerd from 1986 to 2012 when my Director position was eliminated and I was out of work.

 Dale and I married in 1993 and through out the years I, and all of our boys, helped Dale with his diesel mechanic/heavy equipment repair work when ever he needed help.

After losing my job I started helping Dale each day along with looking for work.  Just about a year went by and we realized it worked out well working together so started working Full-time with Dale.  Yep, I do the wrenching along side Dale too.  Some days it is just grabbing wrenches for him and some days he has me tearing equipment apart and helping put it all back together.

Same with the Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods.  We work together everyday.  We move the Fish houses, we drill the holes, clean the holes, bank the houses.  We bought a little two man so either one of us can hook it up to the snowmobile, grab the GPS and check out various fishing spots and keep on eye on where the fish are biting.  Some say “Do you two ever fish”?  Well, yes and no, We do fish when possible and love it very much.  It is important for us to keep on top of the fish bite each day.  With 9 Sleepers and 4 Day house’s spread out over the various fishing spot that Dale has fished for over 40 years we have our very own “Scouts”!  That’s right, great friends that are out there in their own fish houses reporting back to us how the bite is and where the location is along with what they may be using to catch the fish.  Great friends go along way.  All and All, Yes, Dale and I fish whenever we can.

Well this is a good start about who Dale and Connie are.  Bottom line we are a team, we like what we do, and, we feel very blessed to be doing what we do.  

We plan on passing our blessings on to the people who come Fish with us.  

We thank-you so very much for choosing Dale’s Fish House Rental – Lake of the Woods now with our official New Business Name “Dale’s On Lake of the Woods.  We plan on meeting our goal to be open Year Round starting May 2019 Fishing Opener!  STAY TUNED!!! 

It is our hope to create a wonderful vacation spot for you and that you will come back to us for many years to come.

~Dale and Connie ~