Winter Camping RCA sites Available!!!

These winter camping guests have this Winter camping RCA site for overnight stay’s, no Electricity (uses own generator), 2 vehicle parking spots, garbage dumpster for garbage disposal.
These 3 gentleman each have their own site. One is full RCA site with electricity (propane heat), 2 vehicle parking (one for his truck and one for his sled), garbage dumpster for disposing garbage. The other two gentleman have a site with no overnight stay but are able to leave their fish house when they head back home and no that it will be watch over and plowed out when they return.
Nice living quarters, meets the requirements of being under 15 year old structure, nice removable steps, outdoor biffy at the back of his structure, 2 parking spaces for vehicles, garbage dumpster for disposing of garbage and Electricity (Propane heat). Also they are able to have outdoor campfire per request. We would provide a fire ring for anyone who wishes to have an outdoor camp fire area.

Winter Camping RCA Sites Available !!!  Come join us on the shore of Lake of the Woods – Gull Rock area!

RCA winter camping rates – Occupancy Dec 1,  – Apr 18. Lake Access fee is not included in rate and required each fishing trip. RCA structure may be set up prior to Dec. 1st -when weather conditions are more favorable. **Call Dale or Connie to arrange set up at 320-630-7897 Dale – 320-630-6734 Connie **Winter camping fee is due at time of set -up.

Site includes Parking for 2 vehicles(overflow parking for additional vehicles), may have one additional small structure for bathroom, garbage dumpster available for disposing of garbage, RCA sites with Electricity-Please note- NO Electric heaters allowed-Contact Dale or Connie with questions anytime.

The RCA site DOES NOT include the Lake Access Fee.

The Winter Lake Access Fee is to be paid with each fishing trip you make to your RCA site.

Want to Set up your RCA site prior to Dec 1 – No Problem!!  All that is needed is  a phone call to Dale or Connie to make arrangements.

Winter camping Site fee is due upon set-up of structure in RCA site.

Dale 320-630-7897  – Connie 320-630-6734